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Specialists in public and green spaces

Do you have a completed education in landscape design, landscape architecture, urban planning, planning or the like and are you curious about our projects and what it means to work in Eindhoven Municipality? During this meeting on July 14th we will take you to “Wondere World” in Eindhoven Municipality.

Eindhoven is fine. The city is famous. Every year more people come to live, work, reside and rebuild. The city represents an unprecedented leap in scale in living, working and commuting. Over the next four years, the municipal executive wants to build 12,000 homes. The Central District and the Railway District are the most striking sites. This leads to a significant task for public spaces and quality of life. To ensure that Eindhoven remains an attractive place to live, recreate and work, we will also make the city more sustainable, green and climate-resistant. The city council identified green space, public spaces, sustainability and climate as important topics in the recently approved management agreement.

Meet and greet public and green space
Thursday July 14 from 4.30 pm – 6.45 pm

The scope, complexity and complementarity of these green tasks is enormous. This is why we are looking for people who find donating a valuable amount both fun and challenging. People with ideas and an action mindset. People who believe in the future and the importance of a good public space. Do you have a completed education in landscape design, landscape architecture, urban planning, planning or the like and are you curious about our projects and what it means to work in Eindhoven Municipality? Sign up for the Meet & Greet information meeting on Thursday, July 14. We have many vacancies!

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Who are we as a department of public space?
With our partners, we work on a sustainable future. The Public Space division is made up of more than 45 people who act as consultants, project leaders or designers. We specialize in the fields of water, public lighting, green spaces, green spaces and sports. Together, we ensure that the public space is properly designed and adapted to the climate, that there is more green space in both urban and urban areas and that people can exercise and exercise. For example, we are committed to making the center greener, we try to create more green spaces in the slums, we are working on a vision for the recently purchased De Wielewaal property, and we also have a responsibility to ensure that every new house is renovated, about 8m2 is available of green spaces. We do this, among other things, in the context of environmental law. In addition, we contribute to the sustainable management and maintenance of public spaces, focusing on the realization of integrated designs (eg water, green spaces, traffic, civil engineering, underground infrastructure, etc.).

“The city of Eindhoven is making a leap in scale when it comes to intensifying the center, but also to keeping the city’s climate resilient, livable and healthy for the future. You have a key role to play in making this leap in the all-encompassing ecological scale!” – Roel den Deakin, Director of the Green Program.

Who are we looking for?

More information about these vacancies can be found at: www.werkenvoorEindhoven.nl

Would you like to attend the Meet & Greet on July 14, 2022?
During this meeting, we will take you into the ‘wonderful world’ of Eindhoven. We review a number of projects, enlarge the sector and various divisions with their activities and offer you the opportunity to discuss the challenges facing green spaces and public spaces in this city with colleagues and colleagues. Of course, the exact program for that afternoon/evening will be sent after registration.

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by you before July 12 By registering for this information meeting, you will find out everything before you specifically and specifically apply for your application. You can register by pressing the apply button, upload your resume and answer the question if you want to attend the information meeting with “Yes”. You will then receive a confirmation and the program we put together.

Eindhoven is a beautiful green city thanks to its unique nature in the city center. We want a green environment for all Eindhoven residents. This enriches the city, provides opportunities for relaxation and is good for our health. Green is also necessary to deal with the effects of climate change. It is essential to be able to drain rainwater quickly enough and prevent flooding. It provides cooling when temperatures are high.

From: Administrative Agreement 2022-2026: Let’s make tomorrow better together.

Apply directly?
If you want to apply directly, you can reply via our website www.werkenvoorEindhoven.nl Go to the relevant vacancy and apply via Application form† If you apply directly, we would also like to read in your letter of motivation what you will do to Eindhoven with your talents.

If you have any questions about the evening of information, procedures or conditions of employment, please contact Werner Töller at 06-54630871 or Bart van Woerkum at 0642282464.

Possession is not appreciated.

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