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Nijmen – On the occasion of the university’s centenary, the Radboud Kids Science Festival was held on the island of Veur-Lent on May 9th. With this, Radboud University wanted to introduce future generations to the world of science and to emphasize the importance of scientific research.

Researchers from Radboud University, along with hundreds of primary school students, took a closer look at City Island. For example, children researched biodiversity on the dam by collecting and studying plants and creatures, philosophizing who should take responsibility for climate change, and archaeological research was done at the iconic Roman mask and medieval ruin next to it.

using imagination

12-year-old Hanna says: “Today I learned that you can use your imagination to create new clever things. For example, we created a campaign on social media to get children involved in sports. Our idea was to photograph as many different sports as possible that children could try Then there is always something to love.”

Jan van Baren-Nawrocka, Science Hub Radboud University, Radboud Kids initiator: “It was great to see the enthusiasm of the kids today and to celebrate science together in honor of our university’s centenary.”

“Particularly on this city island, we were able to show students how strongly science is connected to everyday life and the city they live in. From solutions to deal with the impact of climate change, to insights into the archaeological history of the place we live in. We are also inspired by these generations Young women to think about solutions to social issues in the future.

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100 years of significance

On October 17, 2023, Radboud University celebrates its centenary. Then the university will be important to students, researchers, employees and the world around us for a hundred years. Luminaries are celebrated at various times throughout the year. For example, during the 100th Dies Natalis on October 17, six honorary doctorates will be conferred, the city will be warmed with 100 Radboud nods from May 8-14, and there will be various events for students, staff, alumni and residents of the Nijmegen region.

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