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There are no big celebrations this year. The British government wants next year, if Elizabeth It celebrates the Platinum Government Anniversary, but it’s still great. All kinds of events are planned for June 2022.

Elizabeth has yet to keep going if she is to write a “world record” for the longest title period ever. This record is now called “Zonnekoning” Louis XIV (1638-1715) from France. He sat on the throne for 72 years and 110 days, but became king in 1643 at the age of 4.

Second in ranking is the king who passed away in October 2016 Bhumibol From Thailand, who ruled at that time for seventy years and 126 days. The third is the frost Johan II Liechtenstein, who took power in the miniature nation in 1858 when he was 18 years old and lasted for 70 years and 91 days. He passed away in February 1929. Elizabeth now ranks fourth.

The “Queen” succeeded her father the king at the age of 26 George VI On. He died asleep on February 6, 1952. Elizabeth was on a state visit in Kenya at the time.

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