Elizabeth Hurley is showing off her massive cleavage on Instagram in full

Actress Elizabeth Hurley knows how to make friends on many fronts. She loves to be seen partying with other British celebrities and has still starred in many movies. She has a wider reach on Instagram.

As an actress, we saw the UK-born brunette Basingstoke in four huge films last year The Boy on the Beach, The Piper, Christmas in Heaven And Christmas in the Caribbean.

Damien Hurley
Obviously, these titles aren’t very appealing and the only new movie right now on IMDb probably isn’t. Maybe you can see it this year In strict secrecy.

The thriller was written and directed by Damien Hurley, Elizabeth’s son. He made his directorial debut at the age of 21. Other names in the film include Genevieve Gaunt, Freddie Thorp, Max Parker, and Lauren McQueen.

In just 24 hours, mom Elizabeth managed to collect 130,000 likes for her adorable bikini photo. The aging actress still wears a bikini and other swimwear. This is for two reasons. She can take it and have her own brand of swimwear.

Want to see 57-year-old Elizabeth Hurley in a bikini with sunglasses on? Look at the picture now here on her Instagram!

In the photo we see her first in a white bikini and beach camisole. Once you stare, the sunglasses will stand out, too. “Thank you Elton John and David Furnish for my amazing Elton John Eyewear,” is the corresponding message.

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