Elkerliek Hospital wants to sell the building in Deurne

Elkerliek Hospital wants to sell the building in Deurne. The hospital announced this on Tuesday. The building in Dunantweg is old. Elkerliek now wants to build a new regional medical center in Deurne on the same site.

The existing building no longer meets the requirements of modern healthcare. The renovation of the existing building is also very expensive. Also, many spaces in the building are no longer used.

The hospital is consulting with the municipality of Deurne about a new ground plan for the hospital. The new regional medical center will provide outpatient care to the residents of Durn and de Belle. The building will contain new contemporary workspaces.

living space
At the end of this year, the hospital will make a final decision on the sale of the building. In the first quarter of the new year, an investor will be sought to furnish the site. Since Elkerliek Hospital will have a smaller building on the site, there will be space left for this investor to housing.

In the transition period from the current building to the new regional center, care will continue to be provided in the existing building. The nurses’ apartment is no longer owned by Kirlik, so it will remain. There are currently migrant workers living there.

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