Elliot Page plays a transgender character on Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy

Elliott himself also announced the news on his social media, with a message: “Meet Victor HargreavesThe actor also attended the Oscars last Sunday and described wearing the suit as “a transgender’s delight.” I never thought I could feel this happy. I know what obstacles I faced and which I overcame, it was difficult. The enormous privileges I had, the enormous potential I had… allowed me to save myself. From treatment to surgery and everything in between.”

He continues, “The fact that I can now show myself as a person I really am is so liberated and so beautiful. No more constant insecurity or feeling the need to flee. Putting on the suit was great. It might seem like little things, but to me, they are so important.” And for the first time, you see yourself in the pictures as the person you are and most of all, that you are accepted for who you are.”

Elliott announced in December 2020 that from now on he would be known as Elliott. “I cannot describe in words how much it means to me to have such support. It is overwhelming to be loved for the person I am and want to be. The transgender community has inspired me so much, thank you for your courage, generosity and endless work to make this world more inclusive. “.

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