Elon Musk welcomes Kanye ‘Ye’ West back to Twitter

Photo: ANP

American singer Kanye West is back on Twitter after blocking her account two weeks ago. Twitter chief Elon Musk welcomed the artist. Ye’s account was banned after an anti-Semitic tweet.

Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, tested whether his account had already been unblocked in a first tweet on Sunday. Six hours later, a message appeared that read “Shalom”. Musk’s response to this was “Don’t kill what you hate, keep what you love”. According to Musk, it was never his decision to block Ye.

I’ve been under fire from many sides before. The artist made anti-Semitic statements in several interviews and tweets. As a result of his comments, the artist was denied access to his social media accounts. Adidas, the fashion house Balenciaga and the American agency Creative Artists Agency, among others, also discontinued their cooperation with the artist.

In addition to Ye, former US President Donald Trump is also returning to Twitter. His account has been permanently suspended. Musk conducted a poll, in which about 52 percent of respondents indicated that they support the return of Trump. Trump’s account was later unbanned.

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