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Access testing will likely be near impossible next weekend at Twente in Overijssel. to write RTV East. The largest rapid test providers are not allowed to open their doors this weekend, which means a huge drop in test capacity.

The regional broadcaster writes that the root of the problem lies in a change that no longer pays test providers for the capacity they offer, but for each test taken. As a result, providers had to apply again to be allowed to be tested. These include Hestia and CovidTestNederland, two major test providers in Twente.

The latter company, which last week conducted 13,000 tests in Twente, has three of four sites in the region. “Now, on Friday, we still don’t have a promise to open and that means it won’t work this weekend. I can’t assign 50 people to gamble with the chance that we won’t be able to get tested and my employees have to pay,” CovidTestNederland’s Mart Grünman told Canal. RTV Ost. He anticipates problems, among other things, in the match that Twente Football Club plays at home. According to the announcer, it appears that the very small test capacity is primarily the problem for Twente.

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