Emine snatches period title and tops, FC Eindhoven lets long-awaited party slip away | Dutch football

Kitchen Champion DivisionNot FC Eindhoven but FC Emmen is the period champion in the Kitchen Champion division. FC Eindhoven failed to take a spell for the first time since 2016 with a 1-1 draw with ADO Den Haag, while FC Emmen eliminated leaders FC Volendam (4-1). In doing so, not only did Dick Luken’s team become the period champion, but FC Emin’s team took first place in the overall standings.

PSV Eindhoven have won all of their last eight matches. A ninth straight win on Monday night marked the first streak since 2016 for Rob Binders’ side. All that had to be done was to beat ADO Den Haag at home. With FC Volendam and Emmen, there were still two kidnappers on the coast. FC Volendam tied on points in the third game and FC Emmen was one point behind, but these two teams faced each other in Emmen.

It was already clear after the first half that FC Volendam would not win the period title and that FC Emmen would lose the lead in the Kitchen Champion division. Dick Luken’s team eliminated leader FC Volendam completely at Emmen. In the first half the score was 4-0. Rui Mendes made the score 1-0 after more than fifteen minutes, after which three goals were scored between the 37th and 42nd minutes. Twice for Reda Kharshoush and once for Miguel Araujo.

Reda Kharshush. © Pro Shoots / Ron Juncker

After the break, PSV Eindhoven had to work hard to keep FC Emine behind, because this team was halfway through. Sem Steijn scored the only goal in the first half on behalf of ADO Den Haag, after which Eindhoven had to score twice after the break in order not to let the Bronze Shield go to Emmen. In the 66th minute, Joey Sleegers was named Player of the Year in the third period, making it 1-1.

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ADO Den Haag puts Eindhoven behind.
ADO Den Haag puts Eindhoven behind. © Pro Shoots / Johan Manders

Although PSV were jam-packed 2-1 in the final minutes, ADO Den Haag held on with screeching and screeching. It remained 1-1 and so the period title went to Emman. There, Daryl van Meghem still scored 4-1 on behalf of FC Volendam, but FC Emmen had no problems. Due to the win over FC Volendam, Lukkien and his players not only took the period title, but also took first place in the Kitchen Champion division.

With eight matches remaining, FC Emmen can carefully smell the Eredivisie once again. The lead over FC Volendam, who also lost 2-5 to Excelsior on Friday, is now one point. Excelsior and Eindhoven are trailing by six points and seven points, respectively.

Other matches
For Reinier Robbemond, dark clouds gather at De Graafschap. The Excellent farmers It fell at Roda Stadium 2-0, after which the fans accompanying De Graafschap displayed a banner that read “Reinier, Pack and Go”. De Graafschap has not won five games in a row and is now ninth in the Kitchen Champion division.

Patrick Pfleck scores against de Graafschap.
Patrick Pfleck scores against de Graafschap. © Pro Shots / Henk Korzelius

NAC Breda won tonight without Ralph Seuntjens 1-4 over Telstar. Seuntjens can go to Japan, but according to coach Edwin de Graaf, he may miss the night due to injury. FC Dean Bosch won Brabant’s biggest meeting with Young PSV 3-2, FC Dordrecht outscored Top Us 1-0, Helmond Sport lost 0-3 to VVV-Venlo, defeated MVV Maastricht 2-3 over Landed by Young AZ.

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