Emma Boken is the only Dutch girl to win the Junior Grand Prix at Jumping de Achterhoek

Q – Weert’s Emma Boken won one of the hottest lessons in the first week of Jumping de Achterhoek. The Dutch top talent defeated all of her international opponents in the 11-man jump of the Junior Grand Prix and won the Pluimers Hindernissen with the Incaro LS (by Carusso la Silla). “We really gave everything. It was a great fight,” the seventeen-year-old jockey said afterwards.

A few hours later, Kian Dory of Ireland won the Rabobank Grand Prix of County Gelderland for the colts. Earlier in the day, England’s Nora von Bülow was best in the Children’s Grand Prix for Morsenkoff Plastics and Mai Rylander of Estonia won the U25 Grand Prix for Holger Hetzel Auctions on Saturday night.

Good preparation
Bocken was faster than fifteen-year-old Jone Illi on her jump. With Dutch born Eolita L (Verdi TN), this Finn in turn stayed more than a second ahead of Ommen’s Britt Schaper with Guidam Sohn The Second Z (Gaidam Sohn).

“Incaro has been in great shape for quite some time,” says Boken. “On the first day he was clear at 1.35 metres, but then we had a bit of a misunderstanding in the jump. On the second day we chose to drive a calm run. Then he jumped very nice and relaxed. That was good preparation for the Grand Prix. He jumped very easily in the first run “.

Talent incubator
Bocken actually represents everything the first week of Jumping de Achterhoek is; Giving young and gamer riders a chance to develop in a great event with not only the best in sports but also a lot of fun. The imposing hall of the equestrian center Lichtenvoorde in Questionder has been transformed into a breeding ground for talent where young riders can measure themselves against their peers.

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According to the winner Bocken, it is precisely the latter that makes Jumping de Achterhoek such a good competition. “I also ride a lot of two-star competitions. Then cyclists of all ages compete. Here at Jumping de Achterhoek you can measure yourself against riders and Amazons in your age group. Very fun and interesting for young people with a lot of atmosphere and fun and excellent organization of the evening for all.”

It could always be better
Buken says the learning effect is also important. “You learn from every lap you drive, also by watching others.” But Bokken is currently one of the highest paid young racers in Europe. What do you learn when you win a lot? “Every lap can always be better,” she laughs. “I often look back at my knees and then see what can be improved. I train that at home with my coach and my mom and we discuss what I should do differently. So we try to do it right next time.”

by bike
Boken is taught by former national team coach Rob Erens and Sally Amsterdam and is also coached by her mother, Jenny. Small details that could be better at driving don’t easily escape this trio. For example, Bocken tried to put her left hand in line during the Jumping de Achterhoek. “I hold my left hand a little bit like I’m on a bike, very flat. Then I’m less strong in my hand. I have to try to keep that hand straight so I can have more control in the ring,” she explains. Was this successful in the survey? “Yes, it was indeed much better than last time.”

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the Olympics
Bocken is proud of her horses, her children’s success, and her young time, but she still has a lot of dreams and goals. “I am very proud of our well-bred horse Kadessa Z (by Harley VDL), which I have trained and ridden myself in the European Championships and Nations Cups this year, but also of other horses who have had good results and developed well. I would like to participate in NK and EC Juniors next year. This year was My last with the juniors. And then I’d really like to ride in the Olympics or World Championships again.”

Week two JDA with the top riders
Wed 30 November Jump continues Achterhoek with CSI1/ CSI2Competitions in which many top riders have registered. For example, Jeroen Dubbeldam and Gerco Schröder compete against successful foreign riders such as Bertram Allen, Felix Hasman, Karim El Zoghby, Jodie Hall Mcateer and Michael G Duffy. The Rabobank 1.45m Grand Prix in Gelderland will be a great finale to the event on Sunday 4 December.

More information can be found at www.jumpingdeachterhoek.nl