Emma Hesters and boyfriend Wesley Hoodt sign a new home

Emma revealed via Instagram this Sunday that she had something to celebrate and signed on to a new home with her boyfriend. “We bought a house,” the singer Saeeda wrote with a photo of her new mansion on Instagram.

The couple, who have been living together since February 2020 and know each other from Instagram, previously lived together in Alkmaar. Emma previously told RTL Boulevard, “He texted me and I answered back. That’s how we started talking. Just clicked.” It is not yet clear where their new home will be.

An important part of their new place is the bedroom. Emma was recently allowed in. beautiful world Hint it’s a “party every time” in bed. “Yes, I may have a stylish image, but Wesley knows better now. Sensuality is important to me; it is strong as a woman to dare to be myself in the bedroom. Lingerie is an important part of that,” said the 25-year-old.

According to Emma, ​​their relationship is quite “fiery” and this sometimes also causes heated controversy: “Then it is very interesting to break up in the bedroom with a nice group. For myself and him, because it is good to do your best. Keep working in a relationship.”

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