Emma Stone gives Cruella de Vil’s sinister traits something irresistibly playful


It’s tough, but don’t forget everything you know about the most notorious Disney villain, that evil bitch Cruella de Vil, that skinny bitch rich in pencil who wanted to put Dalmatian puppies in a coat. Puppies!

CruellaDisney’s real-life film that tells the story of her life, reinvents the character from scratch. At the beginning of the movie, her name is Estella and she is a penniless, sassy, ​​unruly orphan who lives with a group of crooks in an abandoned villa in the city and dreams of a career in fashion. I managed to climb up and work for a The devil wears PradaSkip the boss (Emma Thompson is so angry), until the two fashion designers find themselves embroiled in a fierce competition.

What a genius move to have the script edited FavoriteScreenwriter Tony McNamara put the direction in my hands I’m Tonya-Regesor Craig Gillespie. Cruella It brings together two men who share a gentle sense of pathological humor and both manage to portray cheerful, undisciplined, playless female characters. they chose Cruella To be set in the London punk of the 1970s, a world created in detail that you are drawn to by the dazzling camera work of Nicholas Karakatsanis.

First of all, this results in a great soundtrack: from maybe maybe maybe From Doris Day to I want to be your dog Who are funny. What’s more, Cruella suddenly became a good-mouthed punk icon, in one crushing costume after another—McNamara and Gillespie were clearly more inspired by awesome fashion history like Vivianne Westwood and Alexander McQueen than previous Dalmatian films.

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Crocodile was misunderstood, of course, and of course traumatized, but the creators seem more interested in her innate rebellious nature, her refusal to comply, her determination to claim a place – and the right to be unloved. “People need a bad guy, and I totally agree with the bill.”

She would have been a great feminist role model if she hadn’t been such a mess. Or do we confuse blind ambition with madness in women? Anyway, actress Emma Stone leaves it playfully fun in the middle and gives Cruella’s sinister traits something irresistibly playful.

“I love trouble” someone sighs as she tries to implicate him in one of her nefarious schemes.

Actually, who wouldn’t?



★★★★ ☆

Reggie Craig Gillespie.

With Emma Stone and Emma Thompson.

134 minutes, available on Disney + from 28/5 (€21.99), available for free to subscribers from 27/8.

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