Emma Watson returns on social media after five months: ‘It was really sad’ | Displays

In a wide-ranging Instagram post, Emma Watson tells what she’s been up to in recent years. This is great, because Harry PotterThe actress is very private and usually shares very few private things. She indicates that she chose a different path in her life. For example, I went surfing and horseback riding. The first was bad for her, the second better.

“And I did a lot of therapy. I adopted Sofia in Mexico, who looks more like an angel than a dog,” says Watson. “I said goodbye to my grandma and grandpa. I cut my thumb nails trying to cook and could only do things with one hand for months as a result. I felt so sad and angry about so many things. I learned about love and being a woman.

It may have taken a while, but Watson says she finally knows who she is. “It took me three years, but I finally found a daily routine that I could maintain for more than a few days.” With the six photos she shares, she also makes it clear that the snaps were taken a year ago. “But I wasn’t ready to get out of my Covid cocoon yet. Now I feel like a butterfly.

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