Empty Stage Director: I would have imagined this differently

The entire cultural sector was closed for the third time. You might say, it’s a crazy time to be a cultural stage manager. However, Mario Lammers makes the move. He has been at the helm of Groene Engel in Oss since 1 January.

It’s a strange feeling for Lamers when he enters the theater hall. The red chairs are on the side and the faucet is empty. The heater has not been running for weeks. Since December 19, all non-essential shops have been closed, as have cultural venues. “We can’t escape these procedures, I was imagining something different on my first day,” Lamers said as he walked around the room.

However, Lammers, who previously worked in youth care, is not depressed. “This lockdown also gives me time and space to get to know all about theater better. I come from Sint-Oedenrode myself and would like to expand my network in Oss. I now have all the time and space for that.” Meanwhile, emails are already flowing to the new manager. “People really like me!”

Shifting from youth sponsorship to theater seems far-fetched, but to Lamers, it feels very natural. “I have always had a passion for theater and am very much involved in music. Being the director here is a long-standing dream come true.”

However, Lamers does not completely deviate from his previous career. “I think it is very important for young people to connect with culture. Culture is the foundation and I want a lot of attention for young people in programming.”

Looking to the future, this is the goal of the new director. So he does not want to say much about the fundamental reorganization that has just completed the stage of culture. The problems were mainly caused by long-time sick employees, which meant the financial side of things was on the line for Groene Engel.

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The judge had to intervene to end the disagreement between the staff and the culture stage. The municipality has made a financial contribution, so that not only is 2022 figurative, but also a fresh, fresh start for Groene Engel with Lamers as captain on board.

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