End-of-year windstorms and showers: this is how fireworks go off safely

If you’re going to be popping out on a Saturday during the end of the year, put on your rain suit right away because it promises to be a wet mess. The wind is also flying around you, so setting off fireworks safely can be a challenge. We ask a fireworks expert for advice, because how do you light fireworks safely in such inclement weather?

It’s going to be exceptionally warm this weekend: 15 degrees, according to Werplaza. Last year’s heat record is 15.1 degrees both days, so that could be completely broken. However, there is also wind and rain and these are exactly the ingredients that you cannot use when starting fireworks. Frits Pen is a fireworks expert, he puts on big fireworks shows and knows how to do it safely.

Keep it dry!
Don’t let the fireworks get wet, put them outside only when you are about to light them. “If the fireworks go out because of the rain, don’t try to light them again because they can be dangerous.” According to Pen, there is a possibility that it will smoke inside and still explode in your hand. Immersion in water is the best way to disable fireworks. “And definitely don’t leave it on the street, you don’t want kids to play with it the next day.”

Grab the space
“With strong winds expected, I advise people to stand on the great plains. Find a place with plenty of space so that passers-by can keep their distance.” The national government advises a distance of at least eight meters for pedestrians in normal weather conditions. With strong winds it should be at least twice as large.

Don’t let it explode
Loose fireworks arrows have been banned since 2020 and the so-called complex Fireworks (many pyrotechnic pots in one, ed.) are often stationary on the ground. But fountains, for example, can blow in all directions. Properly secure fireworks before lighting them. Also keep in mind the wind direction when lighting the fireworks and pay attention to any trees in the area. You ignite fireworks with a lighter wick.

glasses for everyone
Whether it’s windy or not, always wear fireworks goggles. This applies to everyone, including the spectators. Once the fireworks fly in the air, they go out at a high speed. But once you slow down in the air, the wind can take over. And even then the fireworks can go either way. Single safety glasses Must.

Alcohol and fireworks don’t mix
Well, fireworks and alcohol don’t mix. After all, you have to keep your head up. That’s also what pyrotechnics expert Pen says: “No alcohol, that goes without saying.” We’ll mention it anyway just to be sure.

Watch your clothes
Do not wear flammable clothing such as nylon, as a small spark can catch them. Wear clothing that won’t catch fireworks (so no hooded jacket, no baggy shoes). This also applies to viewers.

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