England grasp at straws and circle further

The Orange girls are enjoying a holiday on this day of the sixth match of the World Cup in Amsterdam and Terraza. But luckily there were four other fights on the menu. We will keep you updated on the current situation.

Argentina v Canada 7-1

Argentina are one of the three nations to have made the most of the group stage at this World Cup. Canada was also defeated by Las Leonas. In fact, South American lions devoured their prey by skin and hair. The Canadians opened the scoring six minutes later through Grace Delmott.

That was the boost Argentina needed. The score was 3-1 before the break. Giulietta Junkunas – who played for Victoria last season – and sisters Victoria and Majo Granato gave their team that great lead.

That was the end of the Canadian resistance. After the break, Argentina made it 7-1 with goals from Agustina Albertorio, Maria Forcerio and two striking corners from Agustina Corcellani. This ensures that Corcellani alone leads the top scorers list with six goals. It was also the biggest hit of the tournament. And it gave Argentina a group win and a ticket to the quarter-finals.

And Canada? I know it will be fourth in this group. Former Dutch major leaguer Rob Short’s side did not pick up a single point in the group stage.

Argentina v Canada 7-1
‘6 0-1 Timot
’10 1-1 Jangunas
’16 2-1 s. Granato
’21 3-1 Mr. Granato (sc)
’32 4-1 Albertario
’40 5-1 Forcherio
’48 6-1 Corselani (SC)
’51 7-1 Corselani (sc)

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England – China 2-0

After a draw against India and a loss against New Zealand, England entered the final group day as the last group in Group B. So new national coach David Ralph has work to do. The British fared no better than opponents China, who drew their first two matches.

England handled their chances better than Alisson Annan in particular. That was evident early in the game when Grace Balston capitalized on the first British penalty corner. A big relief for the 2016 Olympic champion who killed more than ten corners in the previous game against New Zealand.

And, at that point – ten minutes later – China lost all of its video requests. England’s position was even more comfortable as specialist Giselle Ansley also struck from the front before half-time. As a result, China had to give chase. Annan’s team had chances and corners, all of which had the same result: they gave nothing away.

So England took their ground pretty easily, so at least know it won’t be the last in this group. China is still unsure about that and will be watching the encounter between New Zealand – already assured of a place in the next round – and India, who now have two points, just like China.

England – China 2-0
10′ 1-0 Ballston (sc)
27′ 2-0 Ansley (SC)

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