England star Bukayo Saka signs an equal opportunity partnership with Fiverr

Amsterdam, November 16, 2022 – Fiverr, the platform for freelancers, today announced a partnership with England and Arsenal star Bukayo Saka. The goal is to build a platform on which the player can fulfill their mission of equal opportunity.

“Fiverr is a company that has created many opportunities for people from all backgrounds to build their businesses, careers and fulfill their aspirations. I am delighted to partner with Fiverr to amplify the message about equality, inclusion and diversity and hope that through this partnership I can encourage more people to have the confidence to build the future of their dreams.” Bukayo Saka says.

The first phase of the partnership begins with Fiverr posting videos featuring Saka outlining his ambitions for the partnership, as well as testimonials from a number of UK-based entrepreneurs who have used Fiverr to pursue their own dreams. Over the coming months, Fiverr will continue to partner with Saka as he explores his passion for helping people in the community and beyond.

Bukki Adedapo, Regional Director at Fiverr UK, added: “Bukayo Saka is an inspiration – not only as a world-class athlete, but also as a leading voice for equality. Really great job he’s doing.”

“Our goal at Fiverr is to create opportunities for everyone to grow their business, brand or dream, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, or socioeconomic background. With Saka’s own commitment to equality in sports, we hope to level the playing field together and encourage everyone to pursue their business dreams.” .

About Fiverr
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