English children continue to attend school despite growing concerns

The number of infections in the UK continues to grow alarmingly, with more than 50,000 new infections every day. So shops and catering establishments in the largest stoves are closed, but the government is allowing schools to start as normal.

“I understand people’s concerns, but I undoubtedly think schools are safe and education is a top priority,” Johnson said on Sunday.

Primary schools start first in England, followed by secondary schools a week later. Most schools will open in Wales for the time being. Scotland will be in lockdown starting tonight and schools will remain closed until at least February 1.

The difference is by region

But typical of the British approach to the virus, policy now also varies by region.

In places with a lot of infections, such as London, Kent and Essex, schools remain closed for two weeks as a precaution. Even in the north, in the Birmingham area, a growing number of schools decided not to open their doors today, with the support of the Council.

The number of positive tests

The call to close a national school is now rising. The largest British Teachers Association states that teachers can stay home as they will no longer be able to work safely.

“The teachers are terrified”

The new British variant, which is likely to spread even faster, plays a major role. The union says it has received disturbing messages from tens of thousands of teachers.

“The teachers want to go to school. After all, it is much easier to teach in the classroom. But they are terrified. They want to stay safe,” Syndicate director Mary Boustead said.

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British Health Secretary Matt Hancock tried to reassure parents this morning, saying that children are barely getting sick from the virus, not even the new kind. “Teachers are no more at risk than other important professions,” Virus World adds.

Stricter policy

However, further school closures and general national closures cannot be ruled out. Johnson says stricter procedures will be followed this week anyway. It is not known what kind of measures are involved. Minister Hancock said this morning that the government could implement new policies “within 24 hours”.

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