Entire police team suspended after Texas elementary school massacre

Police officers at school in Ovaldi on the day of the shooting.AP . image

Since the tragic event, the local police have been the subject of intense controversy, especially since more than a dozen officers waited outside classrooms for more than an hour before intervening. This allowed the well-established gunman to kill 19 children.

In August, the school district’s chief of police, Pete Arredondo, was fired. Now the council has decided to suspend all agents of the special police team indefinitely. They are tasked with monitoring the safety of schools in the area. It is not known how many officers were involved.

The statement also states that these employees will “perform other functions in the region” from now on. According to the council, a comprehensive analysis of the police response to the attack is still ongoing.


Meanwhile, the board has “requested the Texas Department of Public Safety to provide additional officers” to ensure the safety of schools and after-school activities, the statement said. The council also stressed that “the safety of staff and students will not be at risk during this transitional phase.”

The Reuters news agency reported that parents of children who survived the shooting filed a lawsuit last week against the school board.

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