Environmental vision Horst provides space for redevelopment at Veluwe Park

Under certain circumstances, the municipal executive cooperated in principle with Bungalowpark de Veluwe’s request to convert it into a residential destination. This decision was made based on the environmental vision of Horst Leisure Group. Bungalow park De Veluwe is the sixth park to have received a decision in principle.

The park meets the conditions

The Horst Group’s environmental vision provides space for new developments. For example, parks may choose to transition from entertainment to life. Parks must then comply with a number of frameworks and conditions and create a plan for the park. Important topics in this park plan are fire safety, good future living environment, green space preservation and sustainability. Moreover, the park must also comply with the financial equation.

This is based on infrastructure modifications to be implemented in the region as well as measures to enhance nature and sustainability. The Bungalowpark de Veluwe park plan has been tested by the municipality against preconditions and frameworks. The result is that a bungalow garden can begin to turn bungalows into homes. The next step in the process is to carry out studies, after which a zoning plan can be drawn up.

Communicate together
Based on the environmental vision of Hurst Leisure Group, this transformation is made possible for 14 of the theme parks. The municipality is working with the parks to transform the Horst Recreation Collection. The facilitative role of the municipality is important here: We are actively looking and thinking along with the transition to housing, but we are not the initiator.

Lively holiday parks
Since 2017, the municipality of Ermelo has been working with stakeholders to develop an area vision for the Horst Leisure Group. The Council adopted this vision last year. Now parks can choose from three futuristic perspectives: preserving recreation, turning it into a “residential park” or restructuring into new functions. Many parks are currently working on individual park plans that we will then test against the Environmental Vision. The group is part of the Vital Holiday Parks program. Through this program, the municipality promotes residential recreation in Ermelo.

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