Eric Brockenck will never get a street name in Derin

Party at Spankeren

And so he became the best Gelderland driver of his generation, which set expectations increasingly high. An overall Grand Tour victory was increasingly likely, but it didn’t. On the contrary, because after the highest point of Passo di Gavia, Breukink had a major avalanche in 1989 during another avalanche expedition. He lost the top of the podium that day.

In 1990, he reached the podium at the Tour de France, where he finished third. His parents stayed at Spankeren, but they didn’t dare watch TV this past weekend. “I’ve always loved watching the Tour de France, but now that Eric is doing so well, I don’t dare it anymore,” his mother said. “My heart is pounding. I went shopping or went to the hairdresser. Then I automatically heard how Eric did it.”

After returning home, a large party was held in Dieren and Spankeren. After a trip from Dieren’s shopping center to Spankeren’s music hall, a tribute from Mayor Koek followed.

For all his good performances, Dieren would never be able to honor him with the name Street, because it had already been given to his grandmother. Perhaps soon there will be a new construction project in Spankeren where they can still do it.

picture: Eric Houdas

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