Eric Meijer: “Felix can become the number one goalkeeper of the orange” | 1 Limburg

Former footballer Erich Meijer believes that Marc Felix could become the number one goalkeeper for the Dutch national team. “There aren’t a lot of players at the top level,” says former Fortuna Sittard and MVV Maastricht, among others.

Meijer also faced off against Bocholtz goalkeeper at Alemannia Aachen.

Mark Flick made his Dutch debut last Saturday in a friendly match against Denmark. Nice moment, Meijer thought: “It’s good to see someone who walked his own path is now one of the permanent goalkeepers in the Bundesliga and is starting to stand out in the Dutch national team.”

Former football player in EveningGuests Sports He also paid tribute to national coach Louis van Gaal. “You should be lucky that a national coach sees it, but also has the courage to try it with you.” Meijer believes that Fleks could become the Orange’s number one goalkeeper. “In terms of his body structure, his attributes, and the experience he gains each week.”

While Flick was unknown to many Dutch people, this was not the case for Flick. In addition to their collaboration on Alemannia Aachen, he also sees Fleks play every week as an analyst on German television. “He plays for a club (SC Freiburg ed.) that radiates calm and gives talent opportunities. He is currently at the peak of his life. He can play football well, has a good reaction speed and is very good at one-on-one.” However, Meijer is critical Also. “I’ve also seen doubts about Denmark’s goal against him. He has to learn that, you shouldn’t do things like this too often.”

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On Tuesday evening, Felix will play Germany. Major is looking forward to that encounter in the run-up to the World Cup. “It’s a very fun game to see where Orange stands in terms of adjectives.” Last Saturday after the match against Denmark, Louis van Gaal confirmed that Flex will play his second international match against the Germans.

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