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Eric ten Hag will face Everton in the Premier League on Sunday with Manchester United. The Dutch coach’s team has performed quite choppy in the first months under him and something needs to be done about that. But this will not happen in a few days.

United’s strikers were criticized after the match against City for not applying enough pressure. Tin Hag could agree. “This is my body and my mind,” the former Ajax manager said of that part of the game. As an individual player.

,, If this has been missing in recent years, you can’t solve it in a few weeks or a month. But it is a requirement in modern football. It seems clear to me that City is the standard in this field. There are more teams that work well. I think we can do it too, we showed it against Liverpool and Arsenal. But we have to do it in every game and we have to work hard on that now.”

I will give the players confidence in that, as long as they work hard, give their best and take responsibility on the pitch. Then I support them, but we are Manchester United and we have big ambitions, so you have to make it happen. This applies to every player. That’s what we ask of them as employees.”

Right winger Anthony was one of the players who came under criticism for his lack of defensive action. © AFP

Another journalist, Ten Hag, asked if his team shouldn’t play more badly, within the rules: “The English word for that is ‘bad’. He tried to explain to the Dutch coach what he meant.

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“Yes, I know the word ‘bad,” Tin Hag replied with a smile. “I think we can improve in this area as well. We have to be smarter sometimes. We got too many cards, when I first heard that the Premier League is playing hard. But I’m wondering. We got a lot of cards and I don’t understand. I didn’t really understand the first card we got on Sunday. It was a duel, yes a violation (from Dalot on Grealish, editor). But to give a card for it. And I saw a lot of other cards where I wondered if it was necessary. But I also put a mirror for the players. They have to be smart, but also a bit “bad”.

The most punished club
Manchester United have already received 23 yellow cards in the Premier League this season, after seven matches. On average, no club got more. Diogo Dalot and Scott McTominay have already received four yellow cards and are suspended for the next print. Harry Maguire and Bruno Fernandes already got three cards. Terrell Malacia on two.

Donnie Van de Beek

Ten Hag says Donny van de Beek’s United opportunities are far from over. The orange international has been recovering from a muscle injury since the beginning of September, but he will still get his chance.

Donny van de Beek in a match against Brighton.
Donny van de Beek in a match against Brighton. © AFP

It must be appropriate. So in that regard, that doesn’t work in his favour. He has been with the club for more than two and a half years and has made good preparations. His chance hasn’t come yet. When Donnie came on as a substitute against Brighton, he made a good impression. But the most important thing is that you are available. If you weren’t, it’s impossible for you to get a place in Top Eleven.”

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