Erin West after the last Olympic race: ‘It was more combat than skating’ | the Olympics

She certainly wasn’t happy with her ride. “I would like to participate in this race again. I made a lot of mistakes in the beginning, so I immediately followed the facts” NOS† She said she was very excited to join her opponent’s fast opening. „Then you get the old-fashioned Wüst, the one who wants a lot. But you have to solve it in skateboarding. It’s been more fighting than skating now.”

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West was happy that her friend Brittany Beau took the bronze, but she knew that place could be achieved for her too. “With a good sprint, a time like this is possible for me. I knew now right after that he wasn’t in it. You can’t make mistakes in the 1000m and I did.”

Jota Leerdam won the silver and according to West she can be very happy with that. “Gota shouldn’t be disappointed, she should be very proud of herself. She did well. Well, Takagi wasn’t normal. It’s great that she is putting such a race in such a moment.”

West finished her career with thirteen medals at five Olympic Games. She became the first winter athlete in Beijing to win a gold medal in five different games. “I don’t really realize that this was my last Olympic race. But after sixteen years it was really great. I’m going to the games in four years to cheer everyone up. After that I was very happy to have my teammates. So I still had the idea that it was There is little family.”

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de Jong

Antoinette de Jong was satisfied with her 1,000-meter sprint at the Olympic Games in China. The 26-year-old skater finished fifth next to the podium.

“It went a lot better than it did,” de Jong said. NOS† “I was really aggressive now and I feel good at it. Things have improved due to the expectations I made for myself, I skated heavy, so I couldn’t quite be myself. But when I woke up this morning, I thought, all or nothing, just Show me what I deserve. I really wanted to finish the games well and it worked out really well.”

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