Ernie Prantz is searching for the missing soccer jersey from the 1978 World Cup Final

The Netherlands national team meets Argentina in the World Cup quarter-finals on Friday. The older Brabanders date back to 1978 when the Netherlands lost the World Cup final to the Argentines after extra time. Ernie Prantz of Eindhoven was the starting point for this match. He still remembered the gloomy duel as it was yesterday. He also makes a quick appeal: he has lost that shirt he was wearing and would like it back.

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Malini Whitlocks

“I gave that shirt to a journalist from North Holland for an exhibition. Along with all kinds of other shirts from my career. But he sold it for lack of money. I tried to get it back, but it’s hard. I also don’t know who has the shirt now,” he says. Brandts, who has played for PSV for years.

According to him, it is about the journalist Cor Mogg. When asked, he denied having the shirts in his possession. “Brands has been saying that about me for years. That was once at Studio Sport, and they apologized a week later,” Mooij said over the phone to Omroep Brabant.

Brandts reacts sharply to Mogg’s words: “What a dick. Unfortunately, I don’t have proof on paper. I don’t have to meet him,” Brandts notes. The journalist is done for it.

“We were so close to this ball hitting the post”

Aside from that missing jersey, Brandts doesn’t like going back to the World Cup final against Argentina either. “I still remember everything about that game, but I don’t like to mention it. We were so close. If you saw that ball from Rensenbrink hit the post in the last minute of the game. That post was a little too thick or the ball must have gone in more than Just that,” says Brandts. “Painful moment, second place doesn’t matter.”

It is believed that the Dutch have a chance on Friday evening to beat Argentina. “It will depend on whether Messi is in good shape. When he’s on the ball, he’s deadly. But we also have to watch out for Rodrygo de Paul.”

“If we keep a clean sheet, I’ll give us a good chance.”

De Paul is the player who provides the most passes for Messi. “They are friends on and off the pitch. Messi runs 6-7km per game, but Rodrygo runs twice the distance. He ensures Messi doesn’t have to do anything defensive. The Netherlands have to keep it together, close together. I definitely have a chance.” To win. I have great faith in Louis van Gaal,” Brandts said.

Discipline is good in the Dutch national team. “They do it tactically exactly as Van Gaal wants it to. And there’s a lot of scoring ability in the team. So if we can keep a clean sheet, I’ll give us a good chance.”

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