Escape with The Serpent: The Hunt for Hans Herbots ‘Bikini Killer’

French psychological disorder Charles Subrag assaulted backpackers in Southeast Asia in the 1970s, earning titles such as The Hippiebeul, The Bikini Slayer, and The Serpent. He killed at least a dozen victims until he was caught by the collar in the summer of 1976. Netflix tells the story of Sobhraj in The Serpent, a British short series directed by our compatriot Hans Herbots (“The Cure”, “When the Dams Break”). The series aired on the BBC a few months ago and was an instant success across the channel.

Hans Herbots “1970s gear sales boomed in the UK after the premiere. Thanks in part to the flamboyant style of clothing. Gina ColemanWho loves her Charles Subhraj Play.”

HUMO I’ve never heard of Subhraj before, have I?

Herbs No, but at one point it turned out to be the most wanted criminal in the world. When the producers introduced me to the series, they called it the “Zodiac Killer of the 1970s.” I wanted to know why he became a murderer. How did he think? Who were his victims? Pity? ”

Smoke in?

Herbs “Charles Sobraj is not a conventional serial killer with a clear motive or a consistent modus operandi: that is what makes him so bewildering. We know that he bothered him because he did not have a French passport, even though he considered himself French: he used his victims’ identity cards. Perhaps he was desperately looking for a place. In the world? Only Subraj, who is now 76 years old and incarcerated in Nepal, can answer that question. ”

Homo why was it called a snake?

Herbs “Subhraj was skilled at escaping: he even allowed his brother to take his place behind bars. Moreover, he liked to work with the poison. ”

HUMO finds its victims on the Hippie Trail, a travel route that runs from London to Bangkok.

Herbs The hippies were easy victims, and they confidently accepted his invitation to spend the night in his luxurious apartment.

It was only thanks to the painstaking police work Hermann Nippenberg, A young secretary at the Dutch embassy, ​​that Sobraj has been tracked. Knebenberg is surrounded by a Belgian embassy employee Paul Simons, A file together, which led to his arrest. ”

HUMO “The Serpent” was filmed in Bangkok: What was it like to shoot there?

Herbs Bangkok is a vibrant city. I also brought my family (Herbots with the actress and singer Lian Van de Kelder, Editor). For us, those recordings were also the last time we felt free, because when we got back to Belgium, the Coronavirus broke out. You can hear it: I really miss him. ”

From April 2 on Netflix

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