Estonia calls up reservists and lays barbed wire along the Russian border

The Estonian government on Wednesday called up 1,700 reservists for undisclosed exercises along the Russian border. Reuters news agency reported that they will, among other things, install a 40-kilometer barbed wire barrier. The exercise is taking place against the background of the ongoing migration crisis in Eastern Europe, in particular on the border between Poland and Belarus.

The exercises will last until at least November 25 and are aimed at testing “the reaction speed of the national chain of command,” according to the Estonian government. It is stated that it is necessary to strengthen the infrastructure on the border with neighboring Russia “in light of developments in Poland, Lithuania and Latvia”.

The situation remains tense on the border between Belarus and Poland. Migrants are flown through Belarus and taken to the border with the European Union. This way you will Governor Alexander Lukashenko From the point of view of the European Union to impose the lifting of sanctions on the Belarusian regime, although he himself denies this. Russia is said to have helped Lukashenko implement these tactics, but the Kremlin also denies involvement.

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“Stay focused and realistic”

Recently, astonishing developments have also occurred on Russia’s border with Ukraine. Russia has already amassed thousands of soldiers there along the border this fall. Moscow may want to take advantage of Belarus’ migration crisis, which means the EU will pay less attention to the situation along the Russian-Ukrainian border.

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NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said Monday that he saw a “significant concentration” of Russian forces along the border. “We need to stay focused and realistic about the challenges we face.” With increased military action, Russia can “only” send a signal that Ukraine should not seek rapprochement with NATO. The Kremlin denies planning to invade Ukraine.

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