EU approves: Dutch production of the astrogenic vaccine

Commission staff now acknowledge that I refer to the NL, although it is not permitted by contract to say anything about precise production locations. It is known that Holix is ​​the only company in the Netherlands that manufactures vaccines for AstraZeneca, so the ‘NL’ in the contract should refer to that company.

Report export

One of the consequences of this is that how many vaccines have been exported from Leiden to non-EU countries becomes more relevant. Since last Saturday, the EU export mechanism has been in place and companies with a supply contract with the EU must first report all vaccine exports to national authorities and the EU. Exports for the last three months should also be listed.

The Health and Youth Care Analyst is responsible for such studies. A spokesman for the study did not want to say if this had already happened in Hollix, Leiden, because he was not allowed to discuss private companies. In general, the spokesman said the European export mechanism had only been in place for a few days and that the study was now preparing restrictions in collaboration with customs. “It’s currently set up.”

Drag with the English

The export mechanism was established after AstraZeneca announced that the EU would receive far fewer vaccines in the coming months than previously expected. In addition, vaccines made in the UK first go to the British. The EU wants to prevent it from disappearing from the EU to Great Britain, but nothing has come back.

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The British government announced in December that it expects millions from production sites in the Netherlands and Germany. It may be vaccines made in Holix and packaged in small bottles in Germany. Therefore this vaccine will not be exported directly from the Netherlands.

Belgian authorities conducted a study last week at the Novasef Institute in Vallonia, which produces Holix-like fluid. They found that there was a shortage of one of the raw materials for the production of the AstraZeneca vaccine, which may indicate that AstraZeneca’s preference is with other production sites in Belgium, for example in the United Kingdom.

AstraZeneca does not want to respond to reports about their production sites.

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