EU citizens in the UK register at the last minute…

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EU citizens in the UK have collectively attempted to arrange their residence status before the deadline. The Guardian reported this on Thursday. About 50,000 people came in one day, or five times more than usual in the previous period.

The influx was so great that the British Home Office decided to extend the deadline. It was supposed to expire at midnight, but orders received before 9 a.m. Thursday would also have been accepted.

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The UK left the European Union last year, giving EU citizens who want to stay until June 30 to regularize their residency status. In doing so, they also reserve the right to seek employment, rent accommodation and study. In total, at least 5.6 million registrations were received.

The roll-out of the new system did not seem to go smoothly. EU citizens are complaining on social media that they have not heard from the government since they applied. Also, some companies are not yet aware of the new residency status of Europeans.

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