Eufy will tell users that security snapshots will be sent to the cloud | Technique

Chinese security brand Eufy will show users that its cameras are sending images to the cloud if push notifications are enabled. The company announced it after criticism of the method, according to reports ZDNet.

Eufy has come under fire in recent weeks because security researchers discovered that cameras from the brand were still sending security images to the cloud. The brand claimed that the images are only stored locally.

The case is delicate because Eufy is a Chinese brand. Western countries fear that Chinese products, including security cameras, will be used for espionage.

In order to send push notifications to smartphones, security cameras must upload images to Eufy’s servers. These images are also used to show an image of the event in the notification. Eufy cameras can send notifications to smartphones when they detect motion or sound.

The new version of the Eufy security app now explicitly states that photos are sent to the cloud. This is the case if users choose to enable push notifications with thumbnails. A thumbnail is a small picture of what the camera recorded.

According to Eufy, if users disable thumbnails in push notifications, no images will be sent to the cloud.

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