Euro 2020 ends nicely for Bjorn Kuipers and Danny McKelley | European Football Championship

Fellow referee Bas Nigues announced on social media that both Dutch referees will get their dream date in the final stage of the tournament. Queirce will blow the final whistle for the European Championship at Wembley next Sunday, as his brilliant refereeing career will take him to the final title in his fifth and final tournament almost. Moreover, McKelley immediately blew the whistle in the semi-finals of his first major tournament. At Wembley, Dordtenar is in charge of England and Denmark.

Earlier, Makelele was allowed to blow the kick-off whistle for the opening match between Italy, Turkey, Russia and Finland and the eighth final match at Wembley between England and Germany. With McKelley returning to Wembley for England and Denmark, he can look back on a very successful debut at a major tournament.

Danny McKelley

Danny McKelley

Kuipers got the perfect end to his brilliant career, the crown of action, which he yearned so much for. Oldenzaler made a strong appearance in the quarter-final between Denmark and the Czech Republic in Baku, although there was initially discussion about the corner kick awarded by assistant referee Erwin Zenstra, through which the Danes would take the lead. At first it seemed to be awarded a foul, as Kasper Dolberg seemed to have touched the ball last, but photos from a different camera point of view showed that it was the Czech defender who finally touched the ball. Huge relief to Kuipers and his team, as such a discussion could have had a negative impact on his final chances.

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Germany’s Felix Brych blew the whistle in the semi-final match between Spain and Italy.

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