Europe must prepare for summer with temperatures reaching 50°C

Meteorologists from the British Met Office KNMI warn that in the future Europe will have to deal with heat waves in which the temperature rises to 50 degrees or higher. They respond to it the message A new European heat record was broken in Sicily on Wednesday. A temperature of 48.8 °C was measured in the coastal city. The old record is 48 degrees and was measured in 1977 in Athens.

Professor Peter Stott of the Met Office, who has been researching heat waves for 20 years, Posted in Blog On higher temperatures: “Climate change is making more extreme weather, which is associated with heat, and given these record temperatures, we think the likelihood of that is going to increase a lot.”

In June 2019, the temperature in France rose above 45 degrees for the first time. “The chance that we’ll really see these extreme temperatures every summer now is very high.” Stott says there’s no word yet on when this will happen, but “Europe needs to prepare for new records with temperatures likely to rise above 50 degrees Celsius, possibly in the Mediterranean where the effect of a warming climate is high. Air coming from northern Africa is the greatest.”

Meteorologists note that after the extremes in Greece and Turkey, the heat is moving west and will affect the Iberian Peninsula and Morocco in the coming days. The first heat wave has already been recorded in Spain. In the country, there is a heat wave when temperatures rise five percent above the usual three-day maximum.

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Spanish meteorologists point out in the country The number of heat waves has doubled in the past ten years. “In thirty years, a summer like this will be seen as ‘cold’,” says Ruben del Campo, a spokesman for Aernet, KNMI’s Spanish institute. Temperatures will rise five to ten degrees above average in the coming days. The dust clouds that Floating in the atmosphere and blocking sunlight is able to dampen altitude to some extent.

Spain writes today:

In Spain, people fear for the images one sees of Greece, Italy and Turkey, where thousands of hectares of nature have been destroyed, where there are now few deaths and where there seems to be no end to wildfires and wildfires. In Spain, people are well prepared and professionals are ready to intervene quickly and appropriately, but the cooperation of the population of Spain is also required.

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