European border guards double security measures on Lithuania’s borders | abroad

European Frontex border guards are increasing aid to Lithuania in guarding the border with Belarus. Already dozens of customers and cars are patrolling on behalf of Frontex. The organization said in a statement that this commitment will double next week.

Lithuania announced earlier this week that it would erect a barrier on the border with Belarus. The army will also patrol there to deter illegal immigration from the neighboring country. Frontex will provide the country with experts to assist the authorities in collecting data on illegal border crossings and exchange operational information.

“We are ready to strengthen our level of support and deploy more European Legion officers and equipment. We are accelerating and amplifying what has already been planned. In close cooperation with the Lithuanian authorities, we are also preparing for a rapid intervention at the border,” said Fabrice Leggeri, Director of Frontex. It is our common external border and Frontex stands ready to assist when needed.”

Lithuania shares a border of 680 kilometers with Belarus. Earlier this month, the EU member state declared a state of emergency due to the influx of migrants. Lithuanian politicians have long complained that Belarus uses asylum seekers to apply pressure. It is said that the number of flights between Belarus and Afghanistan has increased significantly.

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