European subscribers unhappy with HBO Max’s decision

In Europe, the HBO Max and Discovery+ merger will have to wait until 2024…

Upon the acquisition of Warner Bros. Completed by Discovery, there was immediate uncertainty about the fate of streaming services HBO Max and Discovery+. Meanwhile, more clarity emerged. However, European subscribers in particular are not really happy with the decision made.

Anyway, it is now known that HBO Max and Discovery+ will merge into one streaming service. In the United States, this merger will take place already in the summer of 2023. However, in Europe, we will have to wait longer.

The two streaming services are not planned to merge until early 2024 in Europe. Discovery CEO JB Perrette previously confirmed that merging the two streaming services would be a huge challenge given the significant difference in content.

With the two streaming services merging, the question now also arises whether subscribers should consider increasing their subscription prices. At least this opportunity is real.

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