European Union Freezes Millions of Aid to Ethiopia, ‘The Prime Minister Should Respect the Nobel Prize’

The European Union calls on the Ethiopian government to grant relief agencies access to the northern Tigray region, where millions of people have fled their homes due to the fighting between the Ethiopian army and the rebels. Foreign Minister Josep Borrell said that as long as this access is not granted, the European Union will suspend some 88 million euros in aid to the country.

The European Union had promised to provide money, among other things, to receive refugees in Ethiopia. In a blog, Borrell writes that Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed “has won the Nobel Peace Prize.” In 2019 He must do justice to her “and do everything in her power to end the conflict in Tigray.

The situation in the northern region Mounted In early November, when Prime Minister Abe sent his forces against the TPLF rebels, who had allegedly attacked a military base shortly before. The fighting that followed took the lives of thousands of people. Millions of people have fled, including more than 50,000 who have crossed into neighboring Sudan.

The fights continue

In late November, the Ethiopian government said the rebels were ReportsBut according to the United Nations, there are indications of continued fighting in various parts of Tigray.

A week ago, the United Nations reported that nearly 2.5 million people in the region needed, among other things, food aid. Despite the agreement with the Ethiopian government on that Reaching out to refugees In Tigray, according to the United Nations, it is still not possible to provide emergency aid in a number of refugee camps on the border with Eritrea.

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