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Ciats Baker, the executive producer of the Eurovision song contest, is currently denying online rumors. On Twitter, she has been going almost viral in the Eurovision community since she responded Saturday to a question about whether Lady Gaga will arrive in the Netherlands on the final day. In English: “We do not know.” However, if fans continue to speculate and type the words ‘Lady Gaga’ and ‘Events’ into Google, you will get May 22nd and the resulting Ahoy Rotterdam location. Google is not lying, they argue.

Countdown time

In addition, at least one action has not yet been announced. “During the final on Saturday, after Afrojack and Glennie Grace, just before the countdown moment, the score and results will be announced.

“Stylist Dick Bothovan answered the question last week on our Eurovision Fever podcast which outfit he designed for the Eurovision Song Contest, and he’s very proud,” says Richard van der Gromert, de Telegraph’s Eurovision expert.

Album Chromatica

And in 2017, when the song festival, which attracts at least 200 million TV viewers annually in Europe and Australia, took place in Kiev, it was already rumored that Lady Gaga would be a surprise act. It turned out to be wrong. At that time, the audience had to move from Ukraine to Onuka, an electronic band, which turned out to be an experimental scene with a pinch of folk tales. At the time, a striker was creating more excitement as he showed off his bare buttocks covered in the Australian flag.

When Lady Gaga Ahoy arrives, it becomes clear that she will be getting songs from her new album Chromatica Explaining. The singer’s real name is Stephanie Joanna Angelina Germanota, who has been considered Madonna’s perfect successor for many years. If The new queen of music Presence of Ahoil de Octe on May 22, she is actually following in the footsteps of her best example, who has Italian roots just like her. Although it is believed that he will give a better show in Israel in 2019 than Madonna …

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‘Disgusting Bad’

The singer, who scored one after another in the eighties and nineties, sang like a crow to the surprise of fans in the hall and at home. His show was also a joke. “Disgustingly bad” and “slanderous,” commentator John Smith responded on the broadcast. “If you get 1 million euros and show this, you are ineligible to be on this platform.”

A spokesman for the NPO did not want to comment on the rumors and agrees with Seats Baker’s words: “Lady Gaga to Ahoy?” We do not know. ”

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