Eurovision Song Contest: And the winner is…

It was fun, it was suffering and it was a laugh: It Eurovision Songfestival In Rotterdam it’s over! The winner of the music show has been announced. following Song Contest It takes place in … Italy! Italian rock band Maneskin broke out with plenty of audience points and won in time against France.

Eurovision Song Contest: Results

For a long time, France and Switzerland worked side by side with the professional jury, as Malta was the dangerous underdog. The announcement of the results had some notable moments too! This is exactly how Iceland came about in style Eurovision: Epic Fire Story!

Italian acting singer Maneskin found the recording so exciting that it took some South American walking powder. It will appear later that he needs it!

The article continues after the announcement

Eurovision audience is very tough!

After the results of the jury, Switzerland, France and Malta were in the lead. The UK scored 0 points from the jury and audience. Germany, Spain and the Netherlands also got 0 points from viewers, but fortunately they already collected quite a bit.

Ukraine suddenly became a serious contender because it got a lot of points from viewers. Italy made a huge jump in the rankings and took the lead with 524 points after the audience vote, which is special because the professional jury didn’t think rock’s work was much. Malta withdrew after a disappointing result and France missed the opportunity to face Italy. In the end, Switzerland didn’t score enough points!

Italy wins the Eurovision Song Contest

In 2022 it will be Eurovision Songfestival It was held in Italy. Maybe Davina Michele still has a hole in her schedule? In the semi-finals, she made a huge impression on the audience, and she wished she could!

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Jeangu Macrooy finished it Song Contest 23rd place, ahead of Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom. Of course Italy can still be ruled out for doping, but that doesn’t make the Netherlands’ bottom line much better.

Stefania Libertakakis, the Dutchwoman who participated on behalf of Greece, took 10th place. Another big winner in Song Contest It’s Nikki de Jagger: She showed the whole world what she had to offer.

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