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Tonight it was close to Eva and Pascal from Papendrecht to see their single-family ready-to-go home pass them by in buy without looking. A terrifying scenario happened: mold, asbestos and a woodworm were found in the crawl space of the house. “It was a no-go for me,” said engineer Bob Sekes.

Moderator Alex van Keulen faced a huge challenge in tonight’s episode. He was allowed to look for a house for Eva and Pascal, who lived with their daughter in a very small apartment. The couple had been searching for a home for over a year, but in part because Eva didn’t want to give in to pressure from brokers to make an offer quickly, it remained an endless search. So Alex’s task was to find a home for the couple in Papendrecht or Alplacerdam for 285,000 euros.

Soon it became clear from the first meeting that the requirements of Eva and Pascal did not quite correspond to the budget that they had. Eva said she could do a little sanding and painting, but that wasn’t the case for Pascal. So finding a ready-to-move-in house of at least 100 square meters with a garden, three bedrooms and a living room of at least ten meters, next to the kitchen was a difficult task.

This research looks like a piece of cake, but it should be ready to go, so I still have to put up with the build budget. We will also have to bid, so say and write I have to buy a house that is offered somewhere around 220,000, 225.000 euros. Yes, and that’s rare,” realtor Alex sighed in front of the camera.

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This estimate turned out to be correct. Due to Eva and Pascal’s insistence on having a large living room, Alex was forced to turn down potential homes. And even with the budget increased to 305,000 euros, Alex did not go further. Water had to be added to the wine.


After a good conversation with Eva and Pascal, Alex was able to continue his research. He came across a house worth 250 thousand euros in Papendrecht, the couple’s favorite residence. “We really have to go for this,” Alex said. To the amazement of both Alex and Bob, the house was reasonably finished and so a decision was made: This must be the case. “We can really define all desires.”

When Eva and Pascal were allowed to see their future home for the first time, they were very excited. They saw themselves living just there, but then presenter Martijn Krabbé made an announcement: It could have been soon, or the house wouldn’t be bought. The crawl space contains a mixture of fungi, asbestos, and insects. That’s about the top three you don’t want. To be honest, I immediately called Alex, as for me, that’s a taboo,” Bob Sikes told the couple.

Fortunately, there was a lifeguard Alex, who was able to firmly negotiate with the seller. There was a deposit of 20 thousand euros, but Eva and Pascal are still not sure what the matter is. It can happen that the sale will still be annulled after investigation. This is intense,” Pascal replied in shock.

Bob didn’t feel like looking after the house at Buy without looking. © RTL

the hotel

It turns out that Eva and Pascal have an angel on their shoulders: their new mansion is sold out, after all. There was work, shopping and decoration to make the couple completely happy. This hard work was rewarded: Sikkes was more than satisfied with the end result.

Even Eva and Pascal couldn’t believe their eyes when they received the keys to their new home on the big day. “I’m completely speechless,” Eva shouted. “Oh my God, that’s really beautiful,” Pascal added. The couple couldn’t help but conclude that they were “absolutely happy”. “It’s really like living in a hotel.”

Eva and Pascal's kitchen to buy without looking.

Eva and Pascal’s kitchen to buy without looking. © RTL

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