Eva Kylie (Sports Bag Full of Cash) in Court in EU Corruption Case | abroad

Kylie has become known in her home country as a news anchor on the Greek channel mega channel. After her television career, she joined the Social Democratic Party PASOK. There she worked as an MP for seven years, after which in 2014 she decided to run for election to the European Social Democratic Community. Within Parliament, she worked her way up until she was elected as one of the 14 Vice-Presidents in January.

According to her colleagues, she is following a strong pro-Qatar course within the group. Her infamous statement in Parliament was that the Gulf state was a “pioneer in the field of workers’ rights”. This is a remarkable statement, given the huge uproar (including within the European Parliament) over the appalling conditions that Qatari migrant workers had to build stadiums and infrastructure for the FIFA World Cup.

He schandaal in het court:

  • Sinds vrijdag 9 december zijn er tientallen politie-invallen geweest op locaties in Brussel, Straatsburg en Italy.
  • Daarbij zijn tot nu toe zeker tien mensen aangehouden.
  • Zij worden ervan verdacht geld te hebben aangenomen van Qatar in Marokko. Die landen zouden invloed hebben willen uitoefenen op de besluitvorming in het Europees Parlement.
  • Qatar ontkent nadrukkelijk iedere betrokkenheid big het schandaal.
  • Bij de invallen werden 1,5 miljoen euro cash, computers en mobile telefoons in beslag genomen.

Giant search

The focus of the investigation is Panziri, leader of the Anti-Impunity Organization (loosely translated: Fight Impunity). It is associated with influence from Qatar and Morocco. His wife and daughter were also arrested at their home in Italy.

Vega Talamanca is the President of No Peace Without Justice. This organization is associated with the fight against impunity. Giorgi, the fourth suspect, is the co-founder of Fight Impunity.

The investigation expanded rapidly after the raids on Friday, December 9th. In addition to the four accused, six others have been arrested. All of them can be directly or indirectly linked to the Panzeri organization.

Alexandros Kaili, Eva’s father, was also arrested when he wanted to leave a hotel in Brussels with a suitcase filled with 150,000 euros. Later statements by Eva Kylie revealed that she had instructed her father to hide the money from her. It’s just one of the many crazy details emerging from the criminal investigation.

It was also announced this week that Giorgi was to admit before the Belgian judiciary that he was part of an organization used by Qatar and Morocco to exert influence over the European Union. This was reported by journalists from a Belgian newspaper le bracelet and the Italian newspaper La Republica who watched the criminal investigation.

Deep cracks in the democratic foundation of the European Union

Whatever the Court decides today, it is clear that deep cracks have appeared in the democratic foundation of the European Union. Parliament is the only body directly elected by election. Therefore, it is the answer to the democratic deficit of which the European Union is often accused.

This is precisely why the case is so highly regarded in Brussels. There is a lot of indignation about the fact that things can go wrong in a democratic organization.

It is clear that even after today, the final word on this corruption case has not yet been spoken. It appears to be a giant iceberg with only the top protruding above the water.


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