EvdWL over PlayStation vs Game Pass, Elder Scrolls Online, and Battlefield

Yes people. The time has come: a whole week has passed which means it’s Friday. Our regular viewers know what that means: an all-new EvdWL appearing on your screen. Coz and Jelly will discuss all the big news of this week with you on Friday (with a nice beer, of course, donated by the community). For example, this week we have a lot of news about PlayStation versus Game Pass. The Arcade game He gets mad and the question is what the superpower’s answer will be. Rumors abound. We also have a chat about The Elder Scrolls Online, Battlefield, and more.

PlayStation vs Game Pass

Microsoft has taken a strong strategy with Game Pass. The formula is simple but effective: a lot of the money from the company goes to Game Pass, which in turn offers a subscription that you pay for every month. And what you get in return is a lot of AAA titles. You can sometimes play from day one. How much you pay for this Game Pass: 13 € per month. With this formula, already discussed a lot, Microsoft is currently doing very well in the advertising field. PlayStation has to do something and what exactly it is, Koos and Jelle will discuss with you in the new EvdWL.

The Sheikh Scrolls

New online expansion for The Elder Scrolls is coming. The extension is called ‘Black woodIt takes the game back to an old acquaintance: Oblivion. Oblivion turns out to be still popular from the previous item we made Skypeion. So in The Elder Scrolls Online, we return to this popular installment in The Elder Scrolls series. Is that all then? No no, we have more. Guys will talk about the new Battlefield Pass, new F1 game, Square Enix, CD Projekt RED, and more.

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