EvdWL with a comprehensive gameplay review

Although the expectations about the latest release of the PlayStation State of Play weren’t huge, there was still little hope for an update about Horizon Forbidden West or God of War Ragnarok. Unfortunately, however, we had to deal with most of the minigames. Games to be released in the coming months. In this version of EvdWL, Skate and Koos look back very much at this online event. But there are also other topics like: Sony Studios Japan Studios closed, Dragon Age 4 officially becoming a pure single player, PlayStation VR 2nd edition and of course much more.

Look back when playing

Before playing case you can go either way. Some people were hoping for new images from Horizon or God of War. Others did not have very high expectations. Because Sony had already indicated that it was mainly talking about games that would be released soon. Yesterday at 23:00 it was time. Then we got an answer for what Sony would show. Now that it’s all over, we are able to sleep through the night, can we talk about good gaming condition? Or is the online rendering, like the latest Nintendo Direct software, getting somewhat mixed reactions? Koos and Skate look back at all the games featured in this version of EvdW Live.

Has Anthem changed the way BioWare works?

For years, offering your game a live service experience has been the same. Games like Fornite and Destiny have made the concept of live service great. After that, more and more games tried to follow this method. One of these games was BioWare National anthem. The game received mixed reactions and after several critical reviews it was announced that work would be on Anthem Next. Meanwhile, this version was also canceled and it was announced that Dragon Age 4 would be a single player game. Is it true that Anthem made BioWare have to change the way it works? Food seems to be up for discussion …

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