Evelien de Bruijn: Age plays less of a role on TV | TV

Former teammates Selma van Dijk (51) and Galleon van Vessem (52) had to leave in the 2019 am. the heart of the Netherlands, Because Talpa wanted younger faces on SBS6. De Bruijn, who can still be seen on the news programme, believes age is starting to play a less important role on television.

“More and more people are getting big on TV, in fact: they’re in their prime. For example, I mention Janny van der Heijden and Patty Brard. And I’d rather measure myself against that.”

The announcer says there is no age limit for making TV. “In general, I think people get more beautiful as they get older. Not just from the outside, but especially from the inside and that can be seen on TV. And I want to show that.”

De Bruijn believes that no matter what the TV channel is, it is mainly about the content. I have an idea that, at least in public broadcasts, little is differentiated in terms of age. And on commercial channels, for example, Angela Grothuizen can be seen, who is also not the youngest and can also be seen. I think if you are good and if you add something you will still be visible. in any way.”

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