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In a new study by researchers at the University of Bergen in Norway, de Morgan writes that following the “optimal diet” from the age of 60 is 9.1 years of life.

If researchers switch from what they call the “traditional Western diet” to a more nutritious menu at 60, a man will live to be 90 instead of 81, according to the study. The average 60-year-old woman can live to be 93, instead of 85.

But the question is whether this will be a good year, because food deeply affects your eating habits.

Red and processed meat Have been banned. According to the diet, a person should not eat 50 grams of white meat a day.

• Further Sweet drinks with sugar Have been banned.

You eat well 10 fruits and vegetables a dayIn comparison, this is five times more than a day recommended by many health professionals.

உதாரண Example of daily intake of fruits and vegetables according to this diet: one large tomato, one bell pepper, mixed salad leaves, half a butter, a small bowl of vegetable soup, one banana, one orange, one apple, one kiwi and one handful of berries daily.

However, there are huge health benefits to be gained Pulses: As is common in Western cuisine, there is nothing per day, up to 200 grams, equivalent to a large cup of soaked beans, lentils or peas.

25 g nuts Per day

Daily 200 grams of fishApproximately one large slab herring.

• More in the menu: 225 grams of grains per day† For example, two thin slices of rye bread, a small bowl of cereal and a whole grain of rice.

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Max 200 g dairy productsFor example a bowl of yogurt.

proof’s): morning

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