Every supermarket chicken should have at least one Beter Leven star by the end of 2023 – Radar

All fresh chicken in all Dutch supermarkets will have at least one Beter Leven star by the end of 2023. The recent supermarket chain has also promised to offer only such chicken, according to a report by animal welfare organization Wakker Dier, referring to Boni. The club is very happy with it.

Better Life Star Chicken is a healthier breed that grows slower and at a healthier pace. Their living conditions are also better: they get daylight in the barn, more space and escape outside. Quality Mark Beter Leven is the animal protection quality mark.

Bonnie follows the example of other supermarkets

According to Wakker Dier, Boni has now followed the example of Albert Heijn, Lidl, Jumbo, Plus, Aldi, Picnic, Coop, Dirk, Vomar, MCD, Boon’s Markt, DekaMarkt, Spar and Hoogvliet. “We now know that our supplier can already deliver according to the one-star quality label. We are very committed to doing what we say to our customers as we await that confirmation,” explains Boni Director Frank Klören.

The animal awake is full of praise

Wakker Dier is pleased that the last sheep was above the dam. “Previously, supermarkets eliminated the flop chicken, but they replaced it with ‘flip chicken.’ A chicken is a little better but it doesn’t deserve a star. That chicken is still in the supermarket, but that will be over,” says Walker Dyer, who praises the stores. The organization has been fighting for a less sad chicken for nine years.

Multiple sides

However, the head of Boni sees several aspects: “One star is mainly focused on animal welfare. A two week chicken lifespan, no matter how good it is, also means extra water use, extra CO2 emissions, extra manure production, extra use of space, more stables and, where possible, no stable space yet, even extra food miles. Food miles refer to the distance food travels from production to consumer.

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Source: National Ports Agency

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