Everybody knows a woman you think: ‘She should go into politics’

Alexandria Ocacio-Cortez (with red bag) between magazines.  EPA film
Alexandria Ocacio-Cortez (with red bag) between magazines.EPA film

Bee College tour Physician and hospital director Marcel Levy said his ambition was to become health minister. He expressed an infectious belief and his suitability was not questioned.

Alexandria Ocacio-Cortez has no confidence that politics is his thing. AOC, as this political rock star is affectionately known, has been the youngest female congresswoman in U.S. history since 2019. His original campaign and activist style gave him worldwide fame.

However, she never thought about a political career before her brother enlisted him in the Justice Democracy. The organization launched a campaign in 2016 calling for the appointment of individuals who would be an asset to politics because they did not resemble the average politician (white man of a certain age and background – you know them.) In which they would find and train the next generation of real representatives of the people. The way you want to.

Thanks to this campaign and to Alexandria’s brother, we all know her now.

Justin Trudeau

The Justice Democrats had borrowed from Canada that this was a successful way to recruit self-reported political talent. There, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau succeeded in merging a very different cabinet in 2015. Before that he had offered nothing. His party launched a social media campaign two years ago Call her to run They invited people to nominate women from their environment.

This comment has also been copied in Australia. It turns out to be a successful way to bring in new and different political talents every time – it has a lot to offer politics, but does not recognize itself in politics – to the surface.

When writing my book On the side of power, it is very important why politics is left to men Initially all the women I spoke to had serious doubts as to whether they were suitable for politics. They didn’t come up with the idea on their own. They eventually take action by forcing it from the outside.

Also, women are more likely than men to be skeptical about their political affiliation. They know what they want to work for, but often do not know which party is best suited for this.

Massive work

So getting party leaders and nominating committees to get enough women on the candidate list is a huge task. Finding the king’s ministers, secretaries of state, mayor, alderman and commissioners is a challenge every time.

In the Netherlands, such an endeavor would meet a great need. But in our country it is very difficult to get it off the ground. We have a fragmented political landscape that, like the United States, is not used to raise money for political action groups (PACs).

Yet it is high time to break this. That is why I, along with many other influential women, made the effort to bring this proven successful model to the Netherlands.

Everyone knows a woman you think: “She should go into politics.” This is not because it is similar to most politicians, but because it changes politics differently and better. Women with technical background or working in education or healthcare with own company. When you think politics has something to offer, we take it seriously.

Neutral site

The idea is that you should register this woman with a politically neutral platform. It gives her the opportunity to explore in detail which political color is most appropriate for her.

We will do this by setting up a Dutch PAC (Political Action Committee) that is committed to raising the standard of democracy. By raising money through this PAC, one can guide and guide good candidates independently from party support or government money. Our goal is to bring women into politics.

I believe that enough people in our country are willing to contribute financially, so politics becomes all of us. We will look for partners and donors in the future to make this dream come true.

You have to ask us!

Julia Vouters Was a guest columnist on Volkskrant.nl on Sundays in May. He was a political scientist and writer and the right-hand man of Lodwiz Assher, the leader of the PVDA for eleven years.

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