Everyone participates in Samir

Aalsmeer should be accessible to all. Both physical and social. That is why the “All Inclusive and Easy Aalsmeer” working group was created. This includes the residents of Aalsmeer who suffer from a physical, visual or mental impairment. Members of the Social Domain Advisory Board, Aalseemir, and other relevant evaluators also participate in the working group.

The working group wants to increase the possibilities for residents of Alsmeer and Cuddelstart with disabilities to participate in society. The municipality works with the working group on the goals of the United Nations Disability Convention. Not only does this pertain to an easily accessible public space, but also to matters such as inclusive hiring practices and digital information that is accessible and understandable. Alderman for Healthcare Wilma Alink: “You cannot create an easily accessible municipality on your own. We need experts for that. We work with them to raise awareness and promote inclusion and accessibility. Everyone should be able to participate in Samir.”

Reporting of access point Alsumair

All information about the comprehensive and easily accessible Aalsmeer can now be found at https://www.aalsmeer.nl/wonen-leven/publicatie/een-inclusief-en-toegbaar-aalsmeer. For example about accessibility to buildings, but also where you can report obstructions in public places. Are you unable to get off the sidewalk with your wheelchair? Are there any obstacles to haptic steering? You can report these and other access issues at: [email protected]. Hope all of our residents want to help by reporting obstacles. “By reporting that you are not only solving a problem for yourself, but also solving a problem for someone else,” said Alink Alderman. The working group is currently working to improve the website for people with intellectual disabilities.

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If you have a suggestion on how to remove the obstacle, improve or clarify something, for example, the municipality’s website, please let us know. This way, the municipality can quickly start on your report to improve accessibility. In many cases, the problem can be resolved within a few days. Sometimes it is not easy to remove an obstacle because it requires drastic adjustments. We will then consider whether a shift in long-term planning for the redevelopment of public space is possible. Do you know or know an expert (Alsmerder with a physical, mental or visual impairment) who would like to participate in the working group? We’d love to hear from you at [email protected].

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