Everything is as it is from February 11th

The movie will start on February 11th Everything is as it should be On Netflix. In three months (after the first coronavirus lockdown), this Dutch romantic comedy has drawn more than 250,000 people to cinemas. The film adaptation of the Daphne Deckers novel can be watched for the first time on Thursday on Red N’s Live Stream!

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the story
It’s over and it’s out. Iris enjoys self-pity when her boyfriend leaves her after giving birth. Then suddenly the handsome dog Doi stands in front of her. A man who is far below her strength, but very charming nonetheless. However, she still wanted to deal with her adulterous ex-husband.

Along with Barbara Slossen (In love with Cuba(And Jan Kuijman)Tuscan wedding(They are also San Angelaire)Greetings from Jerry), Jill de Young (Michel de Ruyter(And Victoria Koblenko)Housewives are not assets) Appeared in this movie. This production is directed by Rod Schuurman (100% Coco New York).

Actress Barbara Slosson as Iris in “It’s All As You Go”

The film will take place on February 11, 2021 Everything is as it should be For streaming on Netflix. Genre: comedy, drama. Duration: 108 minutes. IMDb score: 5.7.

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