Ex-astronaut Kelly wins Arizona Senate seat, Democrats now also on 49 seats

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The race for the vacant Senate seat in Arizona was won by Democratic candidate Mark Kelly, the Associated Press reported. Kelly, a former astronaut who has served as a Democratic senator for the past two years, confronted Republican Blake Masters, a venture capitalist and newcomer to the political business, last week.

With more than 83 percent of the state’s votes counted, Kelly can no longer miss out on the winnings, according to Associated Press judges. In doing so, both Democrats and Republicans have now won 49 seats in the Senate, which has 100 seats. But the Democrats have an advantage: With a 50-50 vote, Vice President Kamala Harris can decide in the Democrats’ favour.

Now Nevada and Georgia

The results are not yet known in two states. In Georgia there will be one next month water flowThe election is between the two parties’ candidates, both of whom failed to achieve an absolute majority this week.

In Nevada, votes are still being counted: Republican candidate Laxalt is just over 1,000 votes ahead of Democratic challenger Cortez Masto, with just under 95 percent of the vote counted. It is not yet known when this result will be issued.

Four days after the election, it was not clear in the House of Representatives which party had the majority: the Republicans. They now have 211 seats in their handsDemocrats 201. Takes 218 for a majority.

In this interactive map you can see the results of the Senate:

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