Ex-employees: ‘Emergis made a mess of themselves’

They are furious. About the picture the board painted when it announced a temporary suspension of registration in their (former) department in May. No new children will be hired to help at home until September. If it is severe and requires hospitalization.

The board said this ‘breather break’ was necessary as the existing staff were overburdened. Emergis Top cited two reasons: high absenteeism due to the coronavirus and a national shortage of psychologists and psychiatrists.

Nonsense, according to former care providers. Work pressure: Yes. External factors to blame: No. For example, they all say: “We and many people with us left because of the absolutely sick work situation in the department. They have created chaos internally. The current situation is mostly due to Emerges.”

Former employees say the poor working environment is largely due to unrest after the restructuring, multiple changes in managers and employees on the shop floor, and a lack of clear vision. “I’ve had six or seven executives at Emergys in a short period of time,” says one former employee. “Each manager came up with a new plan. They all walked away with a big wallet again. Doing nothing.”

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