May 25, 2024


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Ex-President Trump has lost his credibility even further, but at the same time he brings in tons of money

Ex-President Trump has lost his credibility even further, but at the same time he brings in tons of money
Ex-President Trump last month during his first presidential campaign.  Reuters photo
Ex-President Trump last month during his first presidential campaign.Reuters photo

Double the bad luck of former President Donald Trump last Friday. A high-profile memo appeared, pressuring the Minister of Justice to declare the 2020 elections invalid. He also has to deliver his tax returns to Parliament, which he wanted to prevent with all his might during his presidency.

Both the publication of the memorandum and the decision to announce the work of the Ministry of Justice. This government body is turning 180 degrees compared to the Trump years. At the time, attempts by Congress to tighten oversight of the president were thwarted.

Democrats in the House of Representatives, the House of Representatives, have been chasing Trump’s tax returns for years, which, unlike previous presidents, have not been made public. The 2019 decision not to submit documents has been rescinded.

The issuance of a conversation note between a chairperson and an investigative committee is very unusual. But as it relates to possible abuses of a former president as a person, the department has renounced secrecy. Once New York times Quote from the documents, the ministry published the text.

Leave the rest to me

It relates to a report of a phone conversation in late December between Trump, his then-Deputy General Jeffrey Rosen and second-in-command Richard Donoghue. Trump pressured the duo in an unprecedented way to declare the election fraudulent, and even threatened to fire Rosen if he did not surrender. Donoghue quotes Trump in his handwritten notes: “Suppose the election was rigged + leave the rest to me.”

Meanwhile, Trump appears to wield significant influence within the Republican Party. Because where there is Trump, there is also tons of money for political campaigns. The former president currently has $102 million in campaign money in the bank, of which he raised $82 million in the past six months. This became known this weekend after his employees reported the income to the Federal Election Commission (FEC), which, among other things, oversees fundraising.

Trump has formed several committees for these donations. Together they raised more GOP committees. So far he has been saving on spending money. But in the 2022 midterm elections, it provides leverage and political clout for the former president. Republicans hope to regain control of Congress in that election, where Democrats now have slim majorities in the House and Senate.

A barrage of text messages for donations

According to the broker Politico It is unprecedented for a former president to raise so much money. Additionally, after storming the Capitol on January 6, Trump was banned from social media such as Facebook and Twitter for promoting hooliganism through those channels.

Despite this, he managed to reach the Americans, including through text messages asking for money. British news site independent Analyze the barrage of messages Trump sends to his supporters’ phones. In May, they received at least one text message per day, asking for money. His team also sent emails and letters. And that seems to be working: Most of the donations received over the past six months are small, less than fifty dollars, according to an FEC announcement.

While the election has been proven time and time again, Trump repeats that he lost unjustly. He also mentioned this as a reason to support him financially. “I am grateful for your support on behalf of the millions of men and women who share my anger and want me to continue to fight for the truth,” he said in a statement.

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